Frequently Asked Questions

If your a new client of The Sun Hut, or if you have not been to a tanning salon previously, you may have some questions.  We try and answer the frequently asked questions below, but if we don't cover your query, feel free to contact our Team, or pop in, were we will be happy to answer any queries you have and show you around the Salon.

How old do you have to be to use a sun bed?

As a responsible member of the Sunbed Association, we strictly follow legal guidelines, which states you must be 18 and over to use our services.

How many minutes should I book on the sun bed? and How often can I use them?

There is no standard answer to how many minutes an individual should book, as every person and their history is different.  When you first attend The Sun Hut, we will carry out a full consultation with you, identifying your skin type and agreeing  a bespoke plan in order to help you achieve your goals in a safe and sensible approach.  The regularity of use again depends on your skin type, however a minimum of 24 hours is required.

Why will some sunbed salons let me use their sunbeds for longer sessions?

This depends entirely upon the type of sunbed being offered. The power and UV output can vary considerably from sunbed to sunbed. A professional sunbed operator will advise on the correct session length, dependent upon sunbed, skin type and stage of tan development.

A new regulation now requires all sunbeds to have a maximum irradiance level of 0.3W/m2 and this will mean the length of a session will need to be increased to achieve the same dosage.

What should I wear while using the sunbeds?

There is no right or wrong answer to this, what you feel comfortable with, some clients prefer bikinis or shorts while others underwear, it is entirely your choice and what you are happy with regards your tan.

Do I have to wear googles while using the sunbeds?

Please never start a tanning session without goggles, this is so important. Merely closing your eyes on a sunbed isn’t enough, because the UV rays can still penetrate your eyes through the thin skin of your eyelids and cause serious damage to your retina and eyesight. Not just any goggles will do, and sunglasses don’t work as a suitable substitute. They must be goggles made specifically for sunbed use, because they will have the proper UV protection to safeguard your eyes. You can buy your own personal pair, or you can purchase them from the Team.  However you get your hands on them, NEVER forget those goggles.  

Should I use tanning lotions while using the sunbeds?

We strongly recommend tanning lotions are applied, as this will greatly improve the results from each tanning session, meaning you will reach your tanning goal quicker.

Which tanning lotion should I use?

This is dependent on your specific skin type and your tanning goals, we would advise you speak with our Team, who can advise on the options available.

Can I use oil based lotions?

Oil based lotions are not permitted for use in the salon, as they damage the sunbed acrylics and can cause a slipping hazard.

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