Myths & Facts

As a responsible tanning salon, we like to ensure our clients are kept well informed around sunbeds and their safe usage.  We address some common myths below.  Our Team are always available to answer any questions or queries you may have.

Do sunbeds cause melanoma?

There is absolutely no evidence, that moderate use of commercial sunbeds, will increase your risk of melanoma.

Sunbeds emit UV levels 10-15 times higher than the Mediterranean sun

Sunbeds are required under European law to have a UV output the same as the Mediterranean sun.

There is no such thing as a safe tan

Tanning is a natural reaction to gradual moderate UV exposure.  Burning is an uncontrolled, over exposure to UV and ust be avoided.

Sunbeds are not a safe alternative to sun-bathing

Under professional supervision, sunbeds provide a specific dose of UV, in a controlled environment, avoiding the risk of sunburn.  UV levels will vary significantly according to geographical location, time of year and time of the day.

Anyone can use a sunbed

Not everyone can use a sunbed, this is dependent upon your skin type and other contra-indications.  Our Team carry out a full detailed consultation with the client prior to any sunbed use.

There are no benefits to using a sunbed

UV light is the most natural source of Vitamin D - essential for good health, and of course people look and feel better with a tan.

Using a sunbed before a holiday, wont help prevent sunburn

A few sessions on a sunbed before your holiday in the sun, will help to prepare your skin for the intensity of the sun.  It is still important to ensure you still apply appropriate sun protection, to prevent sunburn.

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