The Sun Hut offers clients both lay down and stand up options, which can be booked online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at your convenience.  Or simply take a casual approach and pop in.


Fitted with 0.3 safe tan compliant tubes and the latest revolutionary collagen boosters as standard, at no extra charges.

The stand up option is provided by our powerful American Leisure 48 lamp bed, with 0.3 safe tan compliant tubes, complimented with a bluetooth option. 


The American Leisure is a fantastic bed which provides you with great tanning results.

Book your next tanning session at The Sun Hut.

Our Ergoline laydown sun beds are fitted with 46 lamps (including Cosmedico 10K100), as well as additional face, neck and shoulder tanners, providing a great overall tanning experience.  You can lay back and relax, while listening to your own music with the built in sound system, all while controlling the bed with the voice guide. 


Its that easy, you can control it with your eyes closed!!